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Access Mantra is a part of the Hear A Million Collective

What is Access Mantra?

Many of you may wonder such questions like these:

-       Where can I find a school for the Deaf for my deaf child?

-       Where can I find sign language interpreters for conferences? Or for legal issues?

-       Where can I find other Deaf role models like myself?

-       How can I find Deaf social events in my city?

-       Where can I go and support a business that is managed by the Deaf entrepreneurs?

For you to find these answers is the reason we collectively decided to establish a new platform - ACCESS MANTRA – a one-stop and specializing deaf related website.  The aim for this website is to provide information and resources that are visual, bilingual (ISL and written English), fully accessible to our users.


The purpose of this platform is for YOU to have access to current information on:

-       Schools for the Deaf in India

-       List of Sign Language Interpreters / ISL Instructors

-       Deaf Organizations (Sports; Women; Advocacy)

-       Deaf Social Events

-       Deaf Role Models

-       Discussions on Social Issues

-       And much more.


This website is not limited to only deaf individuals but is open to parents of deaf children, audiologists, teachers, administrators, and anyone who is interested or working in the deaf field.


Why the name ‘ACCESS MANTRA’?

For years and still today, millions of deaf individuals have been language-deprived due to the lack of access to information. Also, parents of deaf children do not know where to find all information on deaf-related on one site where they would become aware of the various choices that they can make for their deaf child(ren).


Most of the Deaf population in India use Indian Sign Language (ISL) as their primary source of communication. The information and resources that are available on the website are not accessible to the Deaf.  Therefore, the word, “Access Mantra” was created to promote the ‘model’ of creating resources and information accessible to the Deaf by using the ‘bi/multi-lingual’ approach (which one of the languages must be ISL) as a MANTRA. A reminder for the society to make sure that their materials or events are accessible to the members of our community.


How can you be a part of Access Mantra?

For creating this one-stop website cannot be done by one person or even few people, it requires a community-effort to make this a creditable site. We want you to become a part of this platform. You may add or edit any information that are beneficial to the deaf community. For example, if there a deaf school that is not listed on the site, please share the information by filling out a form (link) and we will update it. Or, if you are service provider for the deaf community such as an interpreter or an audiologist and wish to share contact information, please do! Another example is if you have an upcoming event or webinar that you want us to spread the word, please fill out the form and we will broadcast it on our social media and website.


We are grateful for your support and contribution to building a creditable site. Access Mantra is a platform for our community which includes every single person who visited our site. We are open for your suggestions and feedback as well to improve the site. Support us to amplify this website all over India.


we are team - hear a million!

We make it easy for the deaf community lead a life of self-reliance and dignity

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Dr. Alim

mission leader

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manager - deaf employability

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social media manager

Shanti Raghavan.jpg


system leader

Charu Narang.jpg


coordinator - community access

Khushboo Mathur.jpg


social media specialist

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project coordinator

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associate manager - deaf employability



project manager - HAM



social media manager

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